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Beware! Don’t Fall For These 5 HVAC Scams

Each year, people are scammed out of thousands of dollars in HVAC scams, especially in high-risk season such as the summer and winter when your HVAC needs to be running at its best.

Thankfully there are ways you can recognize and avoid HVAC scams. Here are 5 of the most common HVAC scams and how you can avoid them:

“I Found This Problem”

Scammers will tell you that you need a new part and may even offer to give you a used one from their truck. No honest or smart contractor would install a used part.

If you haven’t been experiencing odd smells, rattling noises, or any other warning signs that your HVAC unit needs replaced, don’t accept the used part. Always get a second opinion before accepting repairs on your HVAC system.

“You Need A New, Bigger Unit”

Unscrupulous contractors and scammers may try to convince you to purchase a bigger unit than what you need or that you need a new unit altogether. If they say that you need a new unit, ask them why. Units can last up to 15 years so if your unit is younger than that, chances are you don’t need a new unit.

As always, if you haven’t been experiencing problems with your HVAC then there is most likely no reason to replace it. If you are unsure, get a second opinion from Comfort Experts.

“We Accept Cash Up Front”

Never pay cash up front for HVAC services. This gives scammers the opportunity to run away with your money, leaving you with no services performed.

Some companies will ask for a deposit before they begin work and then a final payment after, but they will never ask for the full payment before your repairs are completed.

“You Need More Frequent Inspections”

Your HVAC system does need regular inspections its true, but only once or twice a year depending on your needs. If a contractor tells you that you need more than two inspections per year find another. This is a method for unscrupulous contractors to

Comfort Experts offers yearly maintenance plans that are designed to keep your HVAC running smoothly all year round with both spring and fall checks, priority scheduling, and more.

“I’m Calling On Behalf Of…”

Scammers will call you claiming to be calling on behalf of an honest company like Comfort Experts claiming to offers HVAC services for a low or “discounted” price. These scammers are unlicensed imposters posing as professionals

If they are in an unmarked vehicle and not one that is marked with the company logo, it’s most likely a scam. Contractors should never use personal vehicles while on call and if one does, call the company they claim to be with a double check the right contractor is at your home. If not, report them to the police.

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