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5 Tips For Child Proofing Your Home HVAC System

A new child in the home is an exciting occasion but comes with its own set of challenges-especially when they get older and more curious about the world around them. While exploring is healthy and critical to the development of your child, you will need to child proof your home to prevent accidents and injury.

When child proofing your home, you should have the basics like the oven door, cabinet doors, and switching to a safe window treatment lift system. In addition, you also need to child proof your HVAC systems and accessories.

Cover Exposed Radiators

Many homes have a radiator that provides heat in the winter. Because of how they work (especially if they are older, cast-iron models) they can get hot and have sharp edges. To prevent burns and accidental bumps, put a barrier like a baby gate around it or get a radiator cover. Radiator covers are a stylish alternative and there are many style options on the market to choose from.

When getting a cover, remember that they can reduce output by up to 30% so please take that into consideration before purchasing.

Secure Floor Registers

Times have not changed in that younger children are still attracted to floor registers; their depths an attractive mystery to drop small items down. To prevent objects from being dropped down floor registers install a mesh screen inside that won’t disrupt air flow, but catch anything dropped through it. It is also recommended to secure the registers in your home to the floor with nails or screws so children in the home cannot get them off. If you are concerned about your children cutting their fingers on the register, choose registers that are made of plastic instead of metal.

Fence In Outdoor Units

Outdoor units may not look dangerous but they do pose a health and safety threat in the form of sharp edges and fans. To prevent accidents and to make your yard look nice put fencing around your HVAC unit.

When placing fencing around your outdoor units, be sure to remember to leave enough room around it to accommodate your HVAC technician.

Place Thermostats & Remotes Out Of Reach

When installing new thermostats in your home keep them and all accessories like remotes out of reach of children. This will keep temperatures constant and save you money each month on energy costs.

When you monitor and protect your home’s thermostats from children, you are also protecting them from harmful temperatures that could result in overheating or even hypothermia in extreme cases. The ideal room temperature for a baby is around 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit but be sure to check their temperature and that of the room to ensure their safety.

Replace Old Units

Older HVAC units can pose a health risk in that they have a higher chance of breaking down, emitting carbon monoxide, and unevenly heats and cool the home. By replacing old units, you are not only saving yourself money on repairs, but making your home a safer, more comfortable place for your children.


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