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Your Checklist For Spring HVAC Maintenance

Spring is officially here and it is now time to add HVAC maintenance to your spring cleaning list.

Regular maintenance of your HVAC unit helps your unit run as efficiently as possible and avoid emergency calls, helping you save money. Here is your checklist for spring HVAC maintenance:

Change Your Filters & Clean Your Ducts

One of the first things you should do for your spring and summer HVAC maintenance is to change your furnace filters. This is a critical step, as filters are an essential part of the HVAC’s health. Be sure to remember to clean your floor registers of dirt, pet hair, and other debris.

With clean filters, your home will see a reduction in allergens and dust buildup so you can breathe easier.

Clean Around Your Unit

Next, clean around your HVAC unit and remove debris such as leaves. When obstructed, your HVAC unit will not run as efficiently. If you have landscaping around your home, ensure that it does not grow within two feet of your units. This clear zone allows for unobstructed air flow so your unit can control the temperature in your home.

Repair Problems As Soon As Possible

If you find issues with your HVAC systems be sure to get them addressed as soon as possible. In doing so, you will be preventing the problem from getting worse, saving you time and repair costs. The professionals at Comfort Experts can help you diagnose problems and get them repaired safely so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Maintenance Plans From Comfort Experts

At Comfort Experts, we take the stress out of inspecting and maintaining your HVAC units. We offer both residential and commercial maintenance plans that offer a wide variety of benefits to you and your home.

These yearly plans include:

  • Courtesy calls for spring and fall checks
  • Priority scheduling
  • Discounts for residential customers

Our courtesy calls make it easy for you to maintain your HVAC so you can rest easy knowing your home will be reliably cooled and heated throughout the year.

Keep Your HVAC Running & Save

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